El padre espera el soldado dispare y así tener un video de propaganda contra Israel, en su lugar el soldado saluda amablemente al niño

Como se ve la Foto que buscaba crear una mala imagen de Israel es otra vez una creación que no refleja la realidad de lo acontecido como se aprecia después en el video y como documenta  William A. Jacobson   

Viral photo of 3-year old confronting border police is not what it seems

I have documented how some Palestinians, such as Bassem Tamimi, have created an industry of exploiting children for the cameras in a very dangerous way.

They have the children confront soldiers with the cameras rolling, hoping for a reaction and viral video or image. The video and images are crucial in the propaganda war on Israel.

Here is another example. A young child, maybe 3 years old, was photographed heroically confronting Israeli border police. It had all the hallmarks of a viral shot, tweeted by anti-Israel Twitter account Abbs Winston and retweeted by “Hamas Lawyer” Stanley Cohen and over 150 others:


The photo was by Palestinian professional photographer Hassan Daboos. There are many such professional photographers who follow riots and confrontations, hoping to sell their photos and video. Here is his Facebook banner photo:


But the image of the child is not what it seems.

After I had seen the tweet, I saw on Facebook that the video of the confrontation had been posted.

Rather than a brave child confronting the Israelis, the video shows a man, presumably the father, carrying the child toward the border police (see Featured Image at top of post), and pushing the child forward:

Palestinian child pushed towards soldier video screen shot 2

The child then reaches the border police, who make no moves toward the child as he waves a flag. The photo used on Twitter is on the photographer’s Facebook Page. It shows a border policeman reaching towards the child, but when you see the video, you will see that this is not a hostile gesture at all, the child touches hands as if in a “high five” motion:


The father then appears to be yelling instructions to the child, who picks up rocks, seemingly not knowing what to do with them, tossing the first rock underhanded away from the border police:

Palestinian child pushed towards soldier video screen shot tossing rock

The child then looks back at his father for instructions:

Palestinian child confronts soldiers looking for instructions

After more instructions are shouted, and the child picks up and drops small rocks, the child finds a larger one that he throws at the border police, though it doesn’t go very far:

Palestinian child pushed towards soldier video screen shot throwing rock

The child throws some more small rocks away from the soldiers, before sitting on a large rock, at which point the video ends.

Palestinian child pushed towards soldier video screen shot sitting on rock

(added) A Facebook user who appears to be from that village identifies the child and brags that the child is confronting “occupation soldiers” (h/t Bob Knot Twitter):


The post on Facebook where I first saw the video provides this account and translation. I have not verified the translation.

Palestinian preaching hate

MUST WATCH: A Palestinian man yells at IDF soldiers, demanding they kill his child so it can be captured on video. The soldier instead shakes the young child’s hand. The father then tells his child to throw rocks at the soldiers..

“There will be peace when they LOVE their children more than they HATE ours”

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Another Israeli Facebook page reports a similar translation:

Palestinian child confronts Israeli FB page

(added) And more confirmation that the father was taunting the police to shoot the child:

(((EinLi))) @EnLiEretzAheret

@AboudDandachi can you confirm the gist of what the father is saying? My Arabic is poor and I'd like to get independent confirmation


Aboud Dandachi @AboudDandachi

@EnLiEretzAheret hes taunting the soldiers to shoot his son,telling the boy to throw rocks,saying the soldiers live to shoot kids

Regardless of the translation, this is just another disgusting exploitation of young children for the cameras in the cause of Palestinian propaganda.

How long before that photographer and father get invited by Jewish Voice for Peace activists to speak to third graders in the U.S., like Bassem Tamimi?